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Design Your Own Crochet Projects

Magic Formulas for Creating Custom Scarves, Cowls, Hats, Socks, Mittens & Gloves

By Sara Delaney

You love to crochet, but you’re tired of the granny square and other predictable projects. Let celebrated crochet teacher Sara Delaney help you expand your skills while showing you how to create custom-fit wearable accessories. Delaney’s unique, flexible formulas let crocheters of all levels easily design scarves, cowls, fingerless mitts, mittens, gloves, hats, and socks. With fill-in-the-blank templates and a stitch dictionary, you can use your favorite yarn and stitch pattern, and make accessories that fit perfectly. Delaney offers a starter course in the technique with 18 of her own original patterns, along with the formulas she used to create them. The companion online calculator helps create your customized patterns even more quickly!

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Meet the Author
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Sara Delaney

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Review quotes
“Whether you are newly tip-toeing into design or are experienced in the try-and-try-again design method, Delaney’s formulaic approach will save you time and tears while ensuring great predictable results every time.” — Edie Eckman, best-selling knit and crochet author and designer
“Perfectly pair yarn and pattern to create custom-fit accessories with Delaney’s simple fill-in-the-blank formulas. If you just want to crochet, 18 classic designs show the formulas in action.” — Linda Permann, crochet designer
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Publication date
October 31, 2017