Designing and Renovating Larger Gardens

By Douglas Coltart

Award-winning landscape designer Douglas Coltart offers practical instructions for designing and renovating spacious gardens, with an eye towards issues unique to those working with at least a third of an acre of land. This book will enable gardeners to make a range of positive changes, such as anchoring the garden into the surrounding landscape, making the most of arrival space, creating focal points, working with scale and proportion, and cultivating a sense of spatial unity. Using illustrated case studies, the author recounts triumphs (and tribulations) from his past projects. With practical instructions, inspirational case studies, and photos of spacious gardens worldwide, this book will prove an indispensable resource for amateur and professional garden designers.

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Douglas Coltart

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Review quotes
“If you find yourself with a five-acre property and the desire to do something grand, Scottish landscape architect and garden designer Douglas Coltart has advice for you. ... This is a book for serious gardeners and garden design professionals.” —San Luis Obispo Tribune

“Focuses on ways to stamp your character onto a big, blank canvas—whether that means breaking up the space into more manageable sections, creating a woodland or turning the space into a grand, sweeping vista.” —Harrisburg Patriot-News

“Written specifically for the larger garden and helps to take the anxiety out of working on a bigger scale. . . . most definitely an invaluable tool for anyone renovating or considering taking on a larger garden.” —Garden Heaven

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June 15, 2007