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Dishing Up® Maine

165 Recipes That Capture Authentic Down East Flavors

By Brooke Dojny

From the Atlantic Ocean to well-tended organic farms, Maine offers some of the best raw materials for rustic, hearty cuisine. Add the independent spirit and quiet humor of the people and it becomes apparent why chefs, fisherman, and artisans are drawn to the state. Their fierce pride, respect for the land, and lack of pretension are recognizable ingredients in the food they produce, from fresh lobster to blueberry pancakes. Dive in to the salty personality of Maine’s cuisine!

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Meet the Author
Brooke Dojny headshot

Brooke Dojny

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Review quotes
“Flecked with recipes from…Maine’s best eateries (and best home cooks)…a beautifully photographed, fresh take on New England cuisine.”— Daryna Tobey, Wine Enthusiast Magazine
“Bingo! If a fried clam roll, a bowl of creamy lobster chowder, or a stack of wild blueberry pancakes rings your chimes, and you can’t hop a jet, let Brooke Dojny ‘dish it up’ for you….authentic national treasures from the glorious state of Maine.”
— Castine (ME) Patriot
“Although clearly inspired by artisanal and fresh food, Dojny doesn’t hesitate to make her recipes accessible to the inexperienced cook.”
— The Boston Globe

"[Brooke] Dojny... likes to say she moved to Maine for the food. In her volume, she covers all the things that make the food scene there so alluring."

— The Times Record, Maine
“If you don’t have this book, put it on your Christmas list. It’s filled with seasonal, traditional dishes and every one I’ve tried has been delicious.”
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Dishing Up®
Number of pages
Publication date
May 15, 2006