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Dissecting Middle School

Understanding the Awesome and Surviving the WEIRD Stuff

By Jessica Speer

Illustrated by Lesley Imgart

Take a large group of kids in puberty, send them to a new school, and add a generous dose of tests, homework, and hormones, not to mention diverse personalities, bland food, and unpleasant odors. That’s middle school, and it can be a little . . . weird.

Yes, there are cool things about middle school, like more independence, new friends, and new activities. But there’s baffling stuff too, like harsh judgment, the whole “popularity” thing, and, of course, drama. With insights from hundreds of students, this guidebook explores the halls of middle school, especially the odd behaviors that lurk in the shadows. Slip on your lab coats, because we’re going to dissect these behaviors one by one to understand what’s really going on. With fun illustrations and choose-your-own-adventure-style scenarios, Dissecting Middle School will help you deal with the drama and define who you are and how to navigate life when things get, well, weird.

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Jessica Speer

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Lesley Imgart

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Product Details
Age range
11 - 14
Grade range
5 - 8
Number of pages
Publication date
August 02, 2022