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Do As I Say, Not Who I Did

Honest Advice on Hookups and Relationships in College

By Ali Drucker

Do As I Say, Not Who I Did is a straightforward, unflinchingly honest, and research-backed sex and dating advice guide from sex and relationships journalist Ali Drucker, backed by experts in the field of sexuality. It helps women ages 17+ develop healthy sex lives as they prepare for and navigate the most exciting—and often the most confusing—years of their lives: college. Do As I Say tells the stories of countless young women from colleges all over the country, while also heavily drawing from the sex and dating mistakes that Ali herself made in college. This book emerged out of a simple question: What would Ali have done differently in those four years, if she had known better? Now, armed with the answers, Ali prepares college-aged women for the challenges they face in 2021. Mixing candid memoir with current research and theory, Do As I Say is the sex ed book teens and twentysomethings will actually want to read. 
Do As I Say tackles topics of the utmost concern to college-aged women, from consent to orgasms to long-term romantic relationships. Each chapter is rooted in a moment from Ali’s college career or young adult life and expands out to include stories from a diverse set of college students and recent graduates from across the country. In four parts, this book addresses 1) the basics of bodies and sex, including consent and STIs; 2) fighting peer pressure and establishing your sexual identity; 3) sexual and emotional health; and 4) the gray areas and how to pursue healthy relationships. Each chapter offers actionable advice drawn from expert sources including prominent sex therapists, professors of human sexuality, psychologists, OBGYNs, and more.
In an age with a constant stream of information available at the touch of a smartphone button, it’s fair to wonder, Can’t I Google this? And sure, you can try, but what you’ll find on the internet isn’t always judgment-free or rigorously researched. Do As I Say puts that problem to bed, delivering a cohesive manual tailor-made to the specific sex quandaries young women face in those crucial years when they’re first becoming independent.

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