The Genus Cornus

By Paul Cappiello Don Shadow

Dogwood trees and shrubs are unquestionably among the superstars of the ornamental garden. Although cornelian cherry (Cornus mas) and common dogwood (C. sanguinea) have been grown in Europe since ancient times, it is only since the age of exploration in the 18th and 19th centuries that dogwoods from the New World and Asia have ascended to the high thrones of gardens, where their aristocracy remains unchallenged today. Given the huge popularity of dogwoods as garden plants, not to mention the hundreds of choice selections and hybrids that have come to prominence in recent decades, it is surprising that there has never been a horticultural book on the genus. Paul Cappiello fills this longstanding gap with this definitive treatment for gardeners and enthusiasts. Providing a solid overview of all dogwoods of horticultural merit, the author provides more than two hundred stunning photos to help with the daunting tasks of identification and plant selection. He provides helpful details on cultivation, combating pests and diseases, and the fundamentals of breeding and selection. Based on years of research, first-hand observation, and interviews with dozens of specialists and nurserypeople, Dogwoods is an unprecedented guide to the diversity of plants available in nurseries today. Written in engaging and informative prose, this book will be treasured by generations of gardeners.

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Paul Cappiello

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Review quotes
“It is a well researched and complete text for professionals and homeowners.” —The Washington Post

“Beneath each species, Cappeillo and Shadow alphabetically arrange the plant’s cultivars, forms, and varieties. . . . this wealth of information is accompanied by 238 stunning color photographs.” —Booklist
“A ground-breaking and worthy text.” —American Gardener

“A wonderful new book.” —Newark Star-Ledger

“You’ll find practical advice for growing dogwoods as well as a mind-blowing variety of them in [this] dauntingly thorough book.” —The Seattle Times
“It is obvious this book will be referred to time and time again to diagnose any problems I encounter with the genus. Nurserymen, landscape architects, in fact all who come into contact or grow these plants will find this book an essential one to have and refer to it, over and over again. I am so pleased to have a copy.” —Gardening Newsletter
“This long-needed work brings us up to speed on the latest and best cultivars emerging from dogwood breeding programs across the country and around the world.” —Horticulture
“The book is beautifully photographed, with excellent pictures to help the gardener discern types of dogwoods just by looking.” —Indianapolis Star
“The book will appeal to a wide range of plants people, from professional nurserymen to amateur gardeners. The writing is warm, personable and friendly yet packed with  useful horticultural knowledge.” —Nativescape
“Dogwoods is the perfect guidebook for determining the type of dogwood best suited for one’s garden and highly recommended for anyone interested in cultivating these beautiful plants. A highly informative species-by-species detail, intended especially for gardeners but accessible to lay readers as well.” —Library Bookwatch

“If you are a dogwood collector this is a must book for you.” —Virginia Master Gardeners Association Report

“Particularly valuable for its description and illustration of so many named forms, particularly of Cornus kousa, C. florida, and their hybrids. . . . a very good introduction to the genus.” —International Dendrology Society Yearbook
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March 08, 2005