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Doodle Washington D.C.

By Laura Krauss Melmed

Illustrated by Violet Lemay

If you love Washington D.C., you will love this book, in which you can CREATE, IMAGINE, and DOODLE your way through the U.S. capital.

These mega-fantastic doodles waiting for your imagination are the perfect way to become the next great artist! These doodles have a definitive D.C. style. Some are CLASSIC (Give the White House some windows), some are PLAIN GOOD FUN (Finish a dinosaur at the MNH), and others are totally WACKY (Whose shadow is this?)

And if you think that this book ends there, we can only tell you that we have many more doodles waiting for you in cyberspace! Find out how to get more cool, free doodles online inside the pages of this book.

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Meet the Authors
Laura Krauss Melmed headshot

Laura Krauss Melmed

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Violet Lemay headshot

Violet Lemay

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Review quotes
"This delightful, interactive guide to our nation's capital is part scavenger hunt, part sketchpad. On outings, you might capture memorable moments, reflections and sketches from the whole family by having everyone create, sign and date a doodle." Washington Parent
Product Details
Grade range
3 - 3
Number of pages
Publication date
April 01, 2013