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Eat, Laugh, Talk

The Family Dinner Playbook

By The Family Dinner Project

Research has shown what parents have known for a long time: sharing a fun family meal is good for the spirit, brain, and health of all family members. Recent studies link regular family meals with higher grade-point averages, resilience, and self-esteem. Additionally, family meals are linked to lower rates of substance abuse, teen pregnancy, eating disorders, and depression.

Eat, Laugh, Talk: The Family Dinner Playbook gives you the tools to have fun family dinners with great food and great conversation. The book includes conversation starters as well as quick and easy recipes to bring your family closer. You will find tips for bringing your family to the table such as setting dinnertime goals, overcoming obstacles, managing conflicting schedules, and how to engage everyone in the conversation. 

Eat, Laugh, Talk also includes real stories from families who have successfully become a part of The Family Dinner Project’s growing movement. Let’s do dinner! 

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The Family Dinner Project

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Review quotes

"The ideal cookbook to remind us that togetherness is the only perfection needed when it comes to dinnertime."
- Carla Hall, chef and author of Carla Hall’s Soul Food

"There's no doubt family dinner has proven social, emotional, and nutritional benefits for kids, but many parents grapple with a lot of obstacles (and guilt!) in trying to make it happen. Armed with these doable strategies, kid-friendly recipes, and dinner table games, families will feel empowered to gather around the table together more often to share meals—and make memories."
- Sally Kuzemchak, MS, RD, author of The 101 Healthiest Foods For Kids and founder of Real Mom Nutrition

Eat, Laugh, Talk is a heartfelt guide through 52 weeks of easy, diverse, and tasty recipes along with real-life examples from families and how different family dinner 'case examples' have been resolved. Alongside both some expected and some unusual family scenarios are tips for conversation starters and dinner table games that pair well with different family dinners. Bringing together actual research from family therapy and nutrition science in the narrative, this book is an easy-to-read, delightful way for any family (however it may define itself) to revamp and reinvent itself around a positive family dinner experience. African curry, dessert sushi, and more, are just a few of the tantalizing recipes you will find to whet your family's appetite!" 
- Uma Naidoo, MD, director of Nutritional and Lifestyle Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital
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October 01, 2019