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Everyday Gratitude Magnetic Wall 2022

By A Network for Grateful Living Workman Calendars

A beautiful gift, perfect for the kitchen or desk, or wherever a little reminder to appreciate every moment is welcome.

Inspired by the book Everyday Gratitude by A Network for Grateful Living—a global organization that promotes mindful gratitude—this magnetic, fridge-friendly calendar is a daily reminder to pause and find reasons to be grateful. Each vibrantly colored grid features an inspiring quote and thoughtful prompt to spark appreciation. And Gratefulness Practices introduce a wide range of ways to cultivate a grateful day throughout the year: When you face a struggle in your life, simply notice what arises in you. Commit to let it be without immediately trying to change anything. Open up to the opportunity to learn from the struggle. Everyday Gratitude is compact with a magnetic backer—hang it on the fridge or other small space—and padded, so you just tear each page off at the end of the month. Printed on uncoated FSC-certified paper.

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August 03, 2021