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Everything Is Made Out of Magic 1,000-Piece Puzzle (Flow)

for Adults Families Picture Quote Mindfulness Game Gift Jigsaw 26 3/8” x 18 7/8”

By Irene Smit Astrid van der Hulst Editors of Flow magazine

Following up on the successful Everything Is Wild and Free puzzle and stationery set comes a new group of paper products from Flow and the artist Valesca van Waveren. Taking as its inspiration a quote from Francis Hodgson Burnett, and translating it into stunning images that capture the magic we find in nature, particularly on a starlit night, Everything Is Made Out of Magic is a suite of pure delight.
1,000-Piece Puzzle
Continuing the great success of Flow’s puzzles comes a work of pure enchantment. Like a fantasy of the woods at night—or even more like a dream, with a suggestive key in the lower right corner—Valesca’s rich scene balances the mystical colors of a starry night sky with spots of bright oranges, pinks, and greens to give puzzle-goers immense pleasure.

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Astrid van der Hulst

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August 31, 2021