Everything Is the Worst

A Book for People Who Just Can't

By Workman Publishing

Sometimes you just don’t feel like going to work. Or making any effort at all, really. Or hearing one more person tell you to “Have a great day!”—seriously, what’s so great about it?
    Everything Is the Worst is the tongue-in-cheek gift of anti-inspiration, a collection of gorgeously hand-lettered expressions revealing what most of us really know, deep in our hearts, to be true. It’s the flip side of the happy face emoji—a recognition that life sucks. It’s the sighing resignation of “I need a nap.” The annoyed dismissiveness of “can you not though.” The utter indifference of “leave me alone, k.” The badass attitude of “in a Mood.” All made palatably hilarious through the kind of illustration we’ve become accustomed to seeing on everything warm and fuzzy. The juxtaposition is perfect; you’ll never look at inspirational art the same way again.
    Interspersed throughout is fun supporting text, like lists (“Things that are really f*cking hard,” “It’s OK to give up when…”), scientifically proven facts, and more. Did you know that people who procrastinate actually make better decisions? Finally, a legit excuse not to do a damn thing.


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April 03, 2018