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Fabric Surface Design

Painting, Stamping, Rubbing, Stenciling, Silk Screening, Resists, Image Transfer, Marbling, Crayons & Colored Pencils, Batik, Nature Prints, Monotype Printing

By Cheryl Rezendes

Sensational sewing projects demand fabulous fabrics! Fiber artist Cheryl Rezendes shows you how to create an astonishing array of surface designs, simply and safely, using textile paints and printing ink. She covers a wide variety of techniques: stamping, ancient Japanese Shibori, silkscreen, soy wax and flour resist, image transfer, marbling, nature printing, foils and metal leaf, and more. Step-by-step photographs illustrate every technique, and Rezendes includes innovative suggestions on how to combine and layer techniques for stunningly original results.

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Cheryl Rezendes

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“Rezendes’s handbook of techniques for making fabric one-of-a-kind is for crafters of all skill levels. Novices will see this and be grateful. Those who have just dipped paint to fabric will be bolstered by the assistance. And experienced fabric designers will have some “ah ha” moments as they build upon their knowledge of painting, stamping, resists, image transfer, marbling, batik, and so much more.” — Publishers Weekly

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March 26, 2013