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Fearless Color Gardens

The Creative Gardener's Guide to Jumping Off the Color Wheel

By Keeyla Meadows

Renowned garden artist Keeyla Meadows sees the world in strong, saturated shades. Fearless Color Gardens brings this unique vision to life by showing how to use wild, uninhibited color to connect indoor and outdoor spaces and turn a garden into a work of art.

Learn how to pick colors that work together; how to coordinate the colors of walls, benches, containers, and garden art; how to organize garden spaces through the use of color; and how to translate personal color preferences into tangible form in the garden. Fearless Color Gardens also features a new way of looking at color with "Keeyla's Color Triangle"; easy-to use tips on growing edibles in color themed gardens; and Keeyla's favorite plants for specific colors.

In the end, readers will want to reinvent the staid rules of the color wheel and turn their color preferences into intoxicatingly vibrant garden expressions.

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Meet the Author
Keeyla Meadows headshot

Keeyla Meadows

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Review quotes
“Meadows’ book, lavishly illustrated with her own photographs, offers basic guidelines for designing with color: pick a principal color, then work with harmonious and contrasting shades.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“Reads like a colorist’s memoir, complete with a muse named Emerald. Strong on fantasy, it’s also a useful workbook for garden owners who need a nudge toward the more vibrant end of the color spectrum.” —Los Angeles Times

“One of the most visually inspired gardening books I’ve enjoyed in a long time.” —Northern Gardener

“If you’re shy about using color, this is the book for you, because Meadows hasn’t met a shade, tone, or hue she couldn’t put to clever use.” —The Seattle Times

“Meadows is a cheerleader for gardens full of color, and of gardeners unafraid to push their boundaries.” —Bloomingwriter Blog

“The book jacket’s eye-popping colors are just a prelude to the lush photos that lie within.” —Detroit Free Press
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Number of pages
Publication date
December 16, 2009
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