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Five-Plant Gardens

52 Ways to Grow a Perennial Garden with Just Five Plants

By Nancy J. Ondra

Photographs by Rob Cardillo

With literally hundreds of choices, it can be overwhelming to decide which perennials to plant in your garden. Nancy J. Ondra takes the stressful guesswork out of perennial garden planning by offering 52 vibrant designs, each made up of only five plants. Ondra tailors each simple design to a specific set of growing conditions, with plenty of tips to help your planting mature. Enjoy gardens full of sun-drenched blooming flowers and shade-loving greenery for years to come.  

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Nancy J. Ondra

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Rob Cardillo

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Review quotes

“Ondra cuts through the confusion that would otherwise attend the process of creating a border or bed, including tips for creating a garden for a particular season or color scheme. She helps the gardener with a simple key: planting a magic five plants for a variety of beds. … Her guidelines … reflect her skill as an accomplished horticulturist … Other highlights include the color photography of Rob Cardillo and a generous supply of design plans. The reader will benefit from this gardener’s eye and her sharing of knowledge. More to the point, the resulting garden will be so simple yet sophisticated that it will look easy.”

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March 11, 2014