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Fresh Flavors for the Slow Cooker

Reinvent the Slow-Cooked Meal; 77 Mouthwatering Recipes

By Nicki Sizemore

Countless home cooks remain loyal users of their slow cookers for preparing satisfying, low-maintenance meals. But the tried-and-true slow cooker recipe repertoire is about to change, with author Nicki Sizemore’s fresh spin on slow-cooked meals. Fresh Flavors for the Slow Cooker is filled with slow-simmered main dishes, plus 35 recipes for sauces and sides, that replace canned ingredients with fresh vegetables, boost flavor with aromatic herbs and spices, and feature a tantalizing array of global tastes in dishes that span the menu. Overnight Pumpkin–Brown Rice Pudding with crunchy pecans is a wholesome, hands-off breakfast treat, Thai Curried Chicken & Rice Noodles gets a spicy kick from curry broth, and Shredded Beef Mole Tacos are accented with the sweet heat of Quick Pickled Jalapeños. Whether you’re feeding a family or entertaining a crowd, each recipe highlights prep work that can be knocked out days in advance, making serving meals worthy of every occasion easy and delicious.

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Nicki Sizemore

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Review quotes
“I want to eat everything Nicki comes up with, and these fresh, colorful slow cooker recipes are no exception. Busy parents — and anyone else who wants good food without a lot of hands-on time — will eat this book up.” — Jenna Helwig, food director, Parents and Health magazines

“Nicki Sizemore has the magic touch and she uses it here to hit ‘refresh’ on what a slow cooker meal can be. All the fresh, healthy, enticing recipes in this book made me immediately pull my slow cooker out of storage!" — Ellie Krieger, nutritionist, best-selling cookbook author, and TV personality

“As someone who’s dedicated an entire career to easy, flavorful cooking, I've longed to love my slow cooker. But truth be told, I've only found a handful of recipes that deliver equal parts ease and vibrant flavor — until now. From the first pages — where Nicki shares peppy sauces you can whip up in mere minutes and slow cooker tips that break all the rules I know to be the downfall of most slow cooker recipes — it is clear that this is not your average slow cooker cookbook. Rather, it's the one I’ve been longing for.” — Stacie Billis, cohost of the Didn't I Just Feed You podcast and author of Make It Easy
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October 29, 2019