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Garden Flora

The Natural and Cultural History of the Plants In Your Garden

By Noel Kingsbury

“A beautifully illustrated reference book covers the origins, ecology and history of popular garden plants.” —Shelf Awareness

The oldest rose fossil was found in Colorado and dates to 35 million years ago. Marigolds, infamous for their ability to self-seed, are named for an Etruscan god who sprang from a ploughed field. And daffodils—an icon of spring—were introduced to Britain by the Romans more than 2,000 years ago. Every garden plant has an origination story, and Garden Flora, by noted garden designer Noel Kingsbury, shares them in a beautifully compelling way. This lushly illustrated survey of 133 of the most commonly grown plants explains where each plant came from and the journey it took into home gardens. Kingsbury tells intriguing tales of the most important plant hunters, breeders, and gardeners throughout history, and explores the unexpected ways plants have been used. Richly illustrated with an eclectic mix of new and historical photos, botanical art, and vintage seed packets and catalogs, Garden Flora is a must-have reference for every gardener and plant lover.

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Noel Kingsbury

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Review quotes
“Noel Kingsbury has a great talent for writing books that entertain and fascinate, and also prove useful for gardeners of all levels.” —Piet Oudolf, landscape architect and author of Planting, Hummelo, and Landscapes in Landscapes

“Entertaining, curious, erudite, historical, wide-ranging. . . . A solid compendium that should find heavy use.” —Booklist

“A beautifully illustrated reference book covers the origins, ecology and history of popular garden plants.” —Self Awareness

“A rich source of amusing botanical trivia with which to entertain gardening friends. . . . this book is richly illustrated and makes an interesting and informative read.” —Gardens Illustrated  

“Keep this book by your bedside or near a comfortable chair for reading. You'll be returning to it again and again and again.” —Garden Design Online

“A pleasure to leaf through. . . . This large, coffee-table-sized book is another gorgeous publication from Timber Press. . . . This book represents a considerable accomplishment in terms of the compilation of facts and related art for the selected plants.” —Washington Gardener

“We absolutely love garden designer Noel Kingsbury’s Garden Flora, an ode to the wealth of knowledge and history that comes with gardens.” —Garden Collage

“You can amaze your friends at your next cocktail party by sharing some of these sensational stories. . . . Garden Flora will provide hours of endless fascination.” —Country Gardens

“This must be the most beautiful book of the publishing season, with an oversize format rich in botanical art and historic and contemporary photos. Every page is stunning, a revelation in art and text.” —The Seattle Times 

“If you have just a few books on the shelf, consider adding this encyclopedia of ecological and historical aspects of garden plants. . . . Kingsbury has put together a well-researched and impressively informative book that will truly increase the knowledge and enrich the readers' and gardeners' appreciation for the amazing flora we see in our world every day.” —OregonLive

“The subject matter lends itself to lush illustration, and the images the book features have been carefully chosen and sourced. . . . This volume is an important step in gaining the appreciation for our garden plants that their cultural contribution deserves. lt is a book that should be enjoyed by enthusiastic gardeners who wish to enrich their appreciation of the plants they grow.” —The Garden magazine
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October 05, 2016