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Gardening for a Lifetime

How to Garden Wiser as You Grow Older

By Sydney Eddison

From the winner of the National Garden Club's Award of Excellence

Although the garden may beckon as strongly as ever, the tasks involved—pulling weeds, pushing wheelbarrows, digging holes, moving heavy pots—become increasingly difficult, or even impossible, with advancing age. But the idea of giving it up is unthinkable for most gardeners. So what’s the alternative?

In Gardening for a Lifetime, Sydney Eddison draws on her own forty years of gardening to provide a practical and encouraging roadmap for scaling back while keeping up with the gardening activities that each gardener loves most. Like replacing demanding plants like delphiniums with sturdy, relatively carefree perennials like sedums, rudbeckias, and daylilies. Or taking the leap and hiring help—another pair of hands, even for a few hours a week, goes a long way toward getting a big job done.

This new edition features an additional chapter describing how Sydney’s struggles with hip and back problems forced her to walk the walk. As a friend of hers says, “Last summer you wrote the book. Now, I’m happy to see that you’ve read it.” Gentle, personable, and practical, Gardening for a Lifetime will be welcomed by all gardeners looking to transform gardening from a list of daunting chores into the gratifying, joyful activity it was meant to be.

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Sydney Eddison

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Review quotes
“I found it liberating to be given an excuse to ditch some of my backbreaking chores. Who’s waiting to grow old? I’m preparing for the future right now. You can tuck this perfect gift into your basket.” —New York Times Book Review

“Gardens change, and so do we—our time, our needs, our energy. Sydney tells us how to roll with the changes. . . . how to garden for life without getting lost in the weeds.” —NPR's On Point

“Eddison’s thoughtful reflections are timely for countless gardeners who are approaching the time in their lives when a garden sanctuary can feel like a burden.” —Booklist

“Sydney Eddison believes you can weed out loads of demanding yard work as you age without reducing the enjoyment of gardening. The 78-year-old author says it’s simply a matter of gardening more wisely.” —ABC News

“Keep up your passion for plants as you grow older with these practical tips.” —Whole Living

“Sydney Eddison is my kind of garden writer, now passing along wisdom acquired from 50 years. No B.S., no rhetoric. Trust this writer; she knows what she’s talking about.” —Garden Rant

“[Eddison] writes with wisdom and experience. Are you looking for anything more?” —Landscape Design

“Sydney Eddison has long shared with readers. . . . her experiences maintaining her garden in Connecticut. Now she’s using those experiences to help older gardeners like herself continue to pursue their passion as they age.” —Akron Beacon Journal

“Anyone who’s gardened for a long time will want to read Sydney Eddison’s new book.” —Philadelphia Inquirer

“Practical advice and heartfelt anecdotes on how to transform gardening into a labor of love.” —Design NJ

“A very personal book with many nuggets of information.” —Providence Journal
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Publication date
April 13, 2011
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