Gardening with Foliage First

127 Dazzling Combinations that Pair the Beauty of Leaves with Flowers, Bark, Berries, and More

By Karen Chapman Christina Salwitz

Published by Timber Press

Create a foliage-driven garden that dazzles!
The beauty of flowers is seductive, but flowers, by their fleeting nature, are a fickle base to provide long-lasting gardens with year-round interest. Tackle this problem with the advice in Gardening with Foliage First. Learn how to first build a framework of foliage and then layer in flowers and other artistic elements to add the finishing touches. This simple, recipe-style approach to garden design features 127 combinations for both sunny and shady gardens that work for a variety of climates and garden challenges, including deer, dry shade, and more.

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January 25, 2017
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Karen Chapman

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Christina Salwitz

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Review quotes
“A successful planting combination is as much about beautiful foliage as it is about flowers—that’s the premise of the upcoming book Gardening with Foliage First.” —Sunset

“Karen and Christina knock one out of the park with exceptional ideas for everything from large landscapes to tiny patios and containers.”—Tracy DiSabato-Aust, author of The Well-Tended Perennial Garden and 50 High-Impact, Low-Care Garden Plants

“There are two major reasons why I buy gardening books: I want to expand my knowledge, and I want to be inspired. The best books combine both aspects. Timber Press found a way to cut through the noise with a new book to be published later in January: Gardening with Foliage First by Karen Chapman and Christina Salwitz.” —Succulents and More