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A Botanical Tour of the World’s Best New Gardens

By Christopher Woods

“An extraordinary collection of 21st-century gardens that will arouse wanderlust… Whether you are a garden globetrotter or an armchair explorer, this book is definitely one to add to your collection.” —Gardens Illustrated

A steep hillside oasis in Singapore, a garden distinguished by shape and light in Marrakech, a haunting tree museum in Switzerland—these are just a few of the extraordinary outdoor havens visited in Gardenlust. In this sumptuous global tour of modern gardens, intrepid plant expert Christopher Woods spotlights 50 gardens that push boundaries and define natural beauty in significant ways. Featuring both private and public gardens, this journey makes its way from the Americas and Europe to Australia and New Zealand, with stops in Asia, Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula. Along the way, you'll learn about the people, plants, and stories that make these iconic gardens so lust-worthy. As inspiring as it is insightful, Gardenlust will delight your passion for garden inspiration—and the many places it grows.

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Christopher Woods

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Review quotes
“Beautiful colored photographs. . . . the variety of designs is impressive.” —Booklist

“Woods’s broad outlook is refreshing. . . . this title features many large, jaw-dropping photos of each garden accompanied by descriptive essays that discuss thoughtfully cogently, and often humorously the recurring themes. . . . Highly recommended for anyone interested in modern gardens, garden design, or garden travel.” —Library Journal

“To be passionate about gardens but have wanderlust seems like a curse of mythological proportion. It might turn you into a plant explorer, a landscape photographer or, if you are Christopher Woods, into a horticultural sojourner and writer.” —Washington Post

“An extraordinary collection of 21st-century gardens that will arouse the wanderlust in anyone keen on contemporary landscape design. . . . It would be hard to pick out the star turns from this line-up of brilliant botanical hot spots as they are all so inspiring. . . . The quality of the photography in this book is exquisite, and the images are plentiful. Whether you are a garden globetrotter or an armchair explorer, this book is definitely one to add to your collection.” —Gardens Illustrated

“A seductive new title. . . . Regardless of which gardens inspire the most awe in any individual reader, most if not all will feel the tug of wanderlust and the gardenlust to explore many of these new and beautiful landscapes.” —NYBG’s Plant Talk

“Author Chris Woods worked in top British gardens before moving to the States, where he transformed Chanticleer, and in his safe hands we are transported to these special places to discover what makes them notable. . . . His enthusiasm and warmth carry the reader along and make this the perfect gift for people who love real or armchair garden visiting, at home and abroad.” —The Telegraph

Gardenlust transcends the sameness that often afflicts garden compendiums. Concise but engaging descriptions. . . gorgeous photographs . . . evoke a visceral feeling of being in each garden. . . . Occasionally, I find a book that expands or alters the way I look at the world—an experience akin to discovering a new color. Gardenlust is such a book. . . it artfully promulgates the fact that the garden, in all its myriad forms, is truly a thread of connection between all people.” —The American Gardener

Gardenlust looks at the best 21st century gardens in the world.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“You'll be ready to travel when you pick up Gardenlust by British plant expert Christopher Woods. . . . Every designer, everyone who loves gardens and plants will want a copy of this book. It's the first real comprehensive survey of fabulous 21st century gardens.” —Garden Design Online
“Woods is uniquely qualified to write a book of such a daunting global scope. . . . a long love letter to the planet and its people, particularly gardeners who have created beauty and devoted their lives to helping others see that beauty.” —Mother Nature Network

“I can’t think of a more fitting title for this handsome coffee table book. . . . He held my attention with his thoughtful approach to the perplexing issues of plant diversity, globalization, nativity and urbanization. . . . As I closed the book, I had the sensation that I had traveled to see amazing gardens. What an incredible journey.” —The Oregonian

“Gorgeous photographs.” —Marin Independent Journal

“Timber Press continues to publish many of the top horticultural books each year, and this one is no exception. . . . Gardenlust will be excellent reading for both gardeners and travelers.” —The Coos County Democrat

“A sumptuous global tour of modern gardens.” —East Bay Express

“For many of us, gardens are where nature and human culture merge such that people experience life-altering epiphanies. No one gets this catalytic power of the spade better than Chris Woods, who has sleuthed and shared the world’s most numinous points of beauty in this book.” —Panayoti Kelaidis, Senior Curator and Director of Outreach at Denver Botanic Gardens

“A beautiful and relaxing tour through some of the loveliest gardens in the world!  The author’s original images provide a fine taste of their gorgeous plants and the creativity used in organizing them.” —Peter H. Raven, President Emeritus at Missouri Botanical Garden

“Everybody can learn from Woods’ fascinating book.” Financial Times

“Chris Woods reveals the fascinating people, plants, and stories that make these gardens so lust-worthy.” The Times Herald

“If you’re looking for fresh, innovative design ideas for your own garden or intriguing travel destinations for the future, Gardenlust makes an excellent resource. Get a copy and curl up with it during our next April shower. You will be inspired.” —Ladue News

“Robust, to say the least… there is much to enjoy in this lavishly illustrated book and engaging text.” —Hortus

“A beautiful book with stunning photographs of amazing gardens… Extraordinary.” —Greenfield Recorder
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September 25, 2018