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Give Thanks

You Can Reach Out and Spread Joy! 50 Gratitude Activities & Games

By Naomi Shulman

Illustrated by Hsinping Pan

The more we notice and appreciate all the good things around us, the better we feel — and the better we feel, the more good we can do for others. Give Thanks offers simple ways kids can be aware of the gifts at hand in their lives — and reap the feel-good benefits. The book features 50 simple activity prompts, from starting a gratitude journal and taking a thankfulness walk to playing gratitude games at the dinner table and making thankful flowers (the petals represent points of gratitude), that go beyond simply saying “thanks,” all brought to life by the irresistably charming illustrations of Hsinping Pan. Each page offers an encouraging, uplifting, actionable way to help kids recognize they are fortunate — and to feel good about their place in the world.

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Naomi Shulman

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Hsinping Pan

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Review quotes
"What a joy to behold Naomi Shulman's delightful invitation to give thanks! Brought to vibrant life with Hsinping Pan's playful illustrations, Give Thanks: You Can Reach Out and Spread Joy offers an abundance of simple, practical, and creative ways for children and adults alike to cultivate, experience, and spread the joys of living gratefully.”—Saoirse McClory, A Network for Grateful Living

"This book is a gift to be thankful for! Naomi Shulman offers innovative and tender ways for  children to take notice of—and build gratitude for—life's wonders, big and small. Parents might want to add "Appreciate the well-worn" as Give Thanks is wonderfully destined to be." —Jennifer Rosner, author of The Mitten String and The Candlewick

Product Details
Age range
5 - 99
Number of pages
Publication date
November 09, 2021