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"Got Lost is the funniest book in the series. A tour de force urban fantasy with more laughs, deeper emotions, and a sarcastic private detective who can burn with both magic and words." Paul Genesse, bestselling author of Sakura: Intellectual Property

Goethe “Got” Luck hasn’t been to a lot of weddings, but it doesn’t take a detective to know it’s a catastrophe when the bride is weeping, the groom is bleeding, and the choir children have vanished into thin air.

When the FBI shows up at his door accusing him of kidnapping, Got knows something is vastly wrong. He’s done a lot of things, but stealing children isn't one of them. To clear his name, Got goes on the hunt for the missing kids and finds himself trapped in the realm of dreams. Ruled by a cunning goddess with her own agenda, the realm of dreams is filled with shifting realities and no way out. To rescue the children—and himself—Got must face the mysteries of this realm and its frightening adversaries head on. Even with all his magic, Got’s luck might have run out now that he’s lost.

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Michael Darling

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"Got Lost is the funniest book in the series, a tour de force urban fantasy with more laughs and deeper emotions than ever. This rollicking adventure down the rabbit hole known as the Behindbeyond introduces Alyce, a little-girl-lost with no memory and far too much power for her own good. Our sarcastic private investigator/stand-up comedian who can burn with both magic and words has to unravel the case while hampered with a curious new partner from the FBI who just might arrest him. If she doesn’t put a bullet between his eyes first. The prose is tight and the plot lots of fun. It will keep you laughing and reading late into the night."

- Paul Genesse, bestselling author of Sakura: Intellectual Property

"The Behindbeyond series is a pinnacle of urban fantasy. Got Lost reaches new heights of excellence and takes the series that much closer to the status of fantasy classic."

- Kevin L. Nielsen, author of the Sharani Series
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Tales from the Behindbeyond
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Publication date
September 03, 2019