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Grow More Food

A Vegetable Gardener's Guide to Getting the Biggest Harvest Possible from a Space of Any Size

By Colin McCrate, Brad Halm

Just how productive can one small vegetable garden be? More productive than one might think! Colin McCrate and Brad Halm, former CSA growers and current owners of the Seattle Urban Farm Company, help readers boost their garden productivity by teaching them how to plan carefully, maximize production in every bed, get the most out of every plant, scale up systems to maximize efficiency, and expand the harvest season with succession planting, intercropping, and season extension.
Along with chapters devoted to the Five Tenets of a Productive Gardener (Plan Well to Get the Most from Your Garden; Maximize Production in Each Bed; Get the Most out of Every Plant; Scale up Tools and Systems for Efficiency; and Expand and Extend the Harvest), the book contains interactive tools that home gardeners can use to assist them in determining how, when, and what to plant; evaluating crop health; and planning and storing the harvest. For today’s vegetable gardeners who want to grow as much of their own food as possible, this guide offers expert advice and strategies for cultivating a garden that supplies what they need.

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Meet the Authors
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Colin McCrate

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Review quotes

“Backyard gardeners looking to bring crops into their kitchen need look no further.” — Publisher’s Weekly 

“Essential reading for all vegetable gardeners. ” —Niki Jabbour, Growing Under Cover 

“Any home gardener will love the professional tricks of the trade.” —Jean-Martin Fortier, The Market Gardener 

Co-authors and founders of the Seattle Urban Farm Company, McCrate and Halm have gathered their years of experience working with backyard gardeners and small-space farmers into five informative chapters packed with growing tips and strategies for gardening with purpose and an eye on increasing production."  —Pacific NW Magazine

Authors Colin McCrate and Brad Halm, founders of Seattle Urban Farm Company, want to show you how to grow more food in the space you have—whether that’s a 90-square-foot garden or a half-acre one. They walk you through planning your garden setup, selecting seed varieties, making nutrient-rich compost, managing crop rotation, propagating cuttings, storing seeds and more. This book is a great guide for every stage of the vegetable-gardening process." —Modern Farmer

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February 01, 2022