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Hello Numbers! What Can You Do?

An Adventure Beyond Counting

By Edmund Harriss Houston Hughes

Illustrated by Brian Rea

Numbers One through Five come to life in Seussian rhyme—as the cutest counting “units” you’ve ever seen!

Among so much nothing, poor One can’t begin
To tell where One
is from where One’s just been.
One needs a friend to run from or run to—
One needs to compare! One needs there to be . . .

Hello Numbers! What Can You Do? helps young learners discover for themselves each number from Zero to Five. As each “new One” appears on the scene, the rollicking, slant-rhyming text prompts the reader to give it a name—showing how bigger numbers are “built” from units of one. For kids who are already counting by rote, this important next step has never been more fun to learn!

So say: “Hello new One, and how do you do? I’ll call you Two if that’s all right with you!”

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Age range
3 - 6
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Publication date
October 27, 2020