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Herbal Tea Gardens

22 Plans for Your Enjoyment & Well-Being

By Marietta Marshall Marcin

Create your own herbal tea garden! This inspiring guide covers everything you need to know to successfully grow herbs and use them in homemade tea blends. Providing plans for 22 themed tea gardens, Marietta Marshall Marcin offers expert tips for growing and harvesting a variety of common herbs. Clear directions for more than 100 recipes include Flu Brew, Double Green Digestive, and Women’s Energizing Tonic. Before you know it, you’ll be creating enticing herbal teas to suit every occasion.  

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Meet the Author
Marietta Marshall Marcin headshot

Marietta Marshall Marcin

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Review quotes

“From planting, growing, harvesting, blending and infusing various herbs for tea, Marietta Marcin makes the reader look in her garden for space for this hobby.  Marcin’s instructions are easy to read and follow.  It is enjoyable to read and would make a fine small gift.”

--Jerry Williams, Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch


“Why not combine pleasure and passion with Storey’s latest edition?  Herbal Tea Gardens by Marietta Marshall Marcin does just that.”

--Gainesville (FL) Sun


“A great book to get you started making your own herbal teas is The Herbal Tea Garden…included in the book is a chapter on making herbal tea blends that should intrigue any tea drinker.”

--Detroit (MI) Free Press


“The Herbal Tea Garden is a real eye-opener as well as a palate-pleaser for those adventurous enough to try herbal brews that don’t come in little white tea bags.”

--Carolina Gardener


“Clearly illustrated, it delivers exactly what the title promises, with concise, easily understood language.”

--Minneapolis (MN) Star-Tribune

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Publication date
January 02, 1999