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High and Dry

Gardening with Cold-Hardy Dryland Plants

By Robert Nold

Gardeners in the Interior West and Great Plains face a daunting challenge: a harsh, semi-arid climate of scorching summers and brutally cold winters. These climatic extremes rule out many standard garden plants that thrive in areas with greater rainfall and more moderate temperatures. In this comprehensive volume, Robert Nold describes the best picks among perennials and annuals; grasses; bulbs; rock garden plants; cacti; yuccas and other similar plants; shrubs; and trees—more than a thousand plants in all. Leavened with humor and rueful wisdom, Nold's pithy descriptions zero in on each plant's outstanding ornamental characteristics while giving the reader an accurate idea of what to expect from the plant's performance in the garden. A must-have for readers in: Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico.

This book is only available through print on demand. All interior art is black and white.

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Meet the Author
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Robert Nold

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Review quotes

“Nold, an adept and often funny writer, has written a plant book that will be invaluable to gardeners and plant specialists for its presentation of his extensive knowledge of these native plants and his experience growing them, without any irrigation.”

“. . . a humorous, practical book for any Western gardener looking for drought-friendly gardening advice..”
“With tips on breeds of plants that can thrive in the climate and survive both extremes of temperature, “High and Dry” is a scholarly and well researched book on gardening in inhospitable climates. Highly recommended. . . .”

"To the rescue is Robert Nold, whose experience in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with dryland gardening offers a host of plant selections that will not only survive under these temperature extremes, but thrive."

"A must-have primer for the water-conscious gardener.”
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Publication date
May 15, 2008