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Hold Your Horses

Nuggets of Truth for People Who Love Horses...No Matter What (Gift book for adult horse-lovers)

By Bonnie Timmons

Celebrate the mysterious bond between horse and horse-lover.

The pleasure of whoa. The surprise of the “unscheduled dismount.” And why, when jumping, to throw your heart over first. Drawing on her lifelong passion for horses and riding, award-winning artist Bonnie Timmons offers up a book full of whimsy and wisdom and a huge helping of giddy up.

These are the truths as recorded by an astute observer:
  • Of little girls who spend every minute after school mucking out the barn in hope of one trail ride
  • Of the mechanics of riding: the walk, the trot, the canter, the gallop—a gait so fast your worries can’t keep up
  • Of English vs. Cowboy-speak. Of Outfits and Accessories, and Good Horse-Keeping Tips, (including how to weigh your horse so you know how much to feed him: 1. Weigh yourself. 2. Weigh yourself holding your horse. 3. Subtract 1. from 2.)
  • And finally, of knowing at the end of the day that when you hold your hoses, they will hold you right back

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Bonnie Timmons

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May 01, 2003