How Birds Work

An Illustrated Guide to the Wonders of Form and Function—from Bones to Beak

By Marianne Taylor

A beautifully illustrated, intricately detailed guide to the form and function of birds—what they’re made up of inside and out, and why

Beautiful and intricate anatomical illustrations abound in this in-depth handbook on the inner workings of birds. How Birds Work goes beyond the typical identification guide to not only examine the evolution, physical traits, and behaviors of birds, but to also tell us why: Why are birds built the way they are, and where do they fit in the diversity of life on Earth?
With comprehensive annotation and analysis, each chapter reveals a realm of fascinating information: the ancestry and origin of the birds we know today, their skeletal and muscular systems, pigmentation, patterns, behaviors, and more. Featuring species from all around the world, How Birds Work offers a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of the form and function of these complex creatures, wherever they call home.

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April 28, 2020