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How Dreams Speak

An Interactive Journey into Your Subconscious (150+ Symbols, Illustrated and Fully Explained)

By Nicole Chilton

 Unlock the mysteries!

What does it mean to dream about a doll? Perhaps your inner child needs to come out and play. Or what if you find yourself flying high above the earth? It’s your sleeping mind urging your waking mind to look to the future and think about your deepest aspirations. Richly illustrated in watercolor and with explanations and intuitive prompts throughout, How Dreams Speak is a unique visual dream interpretation guide that demystifies over 150 universal symbols and themes. With this book in hand, you’ll learn the history of dream interpretation and the science of dreaming and be guided through the practice of remembering—then untangling—your nightly adventures. Our dreams speak to us, and within these pages lies the gifts of being able to listen to what our subconscious mind is saying.

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Meet the Author
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Nicole Chilton

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Review quotes

"Gorgeously illustrated...How Dreams Speak begs to be revisited, again and again, any time readers find themselves mystified by their sleeping subconscious."—Booklist​

"An informative primer on plumbing dreams for their deeper meanings, inspirations, and possible portents of the future... Chilton deftly veers between academic theories and more mystical concepts... The casually interested or fledgling practitioner of dream interpretation will find this charming compendium a worthwhile introduction to this subject."—Library Journal

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August 17, 2021