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How to Be Vegan

Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Cruelty-Free Eating, Living, Dating, Travel, Decorating, and More

By Elizabeth Castoria

With the interest in vegan living on the rise, it’s time for a book that goes beyond the recipes. How does a newbie adopt a vegan approach when it comes to dating, entertaining, decorating, travel, and beyond? Author Elizabeth Castoria, the former editorial director of VegNews, offers a useful, friendly introduction to the vegan lifestyle for those who want to dabble or for those already committed to living animal-product-free. She shows how simple it is to be vegan, from the food (plants, fruits, nuts, and grains all explained) and nutrition (which supplements are needed), to the etiquette (what to do at an omnivore’s dinner party), travel (where to find the best vegan airport food in the United States), fashion (there's no need to swear off designer duds), and more. To close the book, there are 50 recipes for the beginner vegan. With familiar ingredients and straightforward instructions, and with options from Tofu Scramble and Cheesy Kale Chips to Pasta with Artichoke Alfredo and Fabulous Fudge Brownies, there is no missing meat or dairy with this satisfying vegan food.

Presented in concise, practical easy-to-read pieces, with tips and tricks to employ in all parts of life—and filled with helpful illustrations and humorous ones too—How to Be Vegan presents a vegan lifestyle that is more accessible than ever before.

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Meet the Author
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Elizabeth Castoria

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Review quotes

"Elizabeth's smart, funny book is just the thing for someone who wants to figure out how to eat more plants. She takes any scary edge off the word 'vegan' with clear, friendly information."

--Kris Carr, New York Times bestselling author of Crazy Sexy Kitchen

"Elizabeth's fun, thoughtful book will help people get started down the road to eating a more plant-powered diet. It's going to push veganism further into the mainstream. I highly recommend it."

--Chef Tal Ronnen, New York Times bestselling author of The Conscious Cook

“The best fifteen-buck investment in vegan information you’ll make this, or any, year.”

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Publication date
April 22, 2014