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How to Go Anywhere (and Not Get Lost)

A Guide to Navigation for Young Adventurers

By Hans Aschim

Foreword by Nainoa Thompson

From journalist and adventurer extraordinaire Hans Aschim, here’s a lively and interactive book that gets kids unplugged and out of the house—and teaches them cool navigation techniques to use while hiking, camping, or just exploring the backyard or nearby park. 

With lively full-color illustrations and full-color photos throughout, How to Go Anywhere (and Not Get Lost) combines fascinating history with fun hands-on activities that bring critical science, geography, and astronomy concepts to life. Readers will discover explorers and the tools they developed through the ages: from the ancient Polynesians who crafted stick charts to learn swell patterns in the water to navigate precise paths through the ocean; to Age of Discovery navigators who used compasses and maps to reach the New World; to the modern-day pilots who wield radar and GPS to soar across continents. Kids will also learn skills like taking their bearings with a compass; finding their way with dead reckoning; and locating their own latitude and longitude. 

And best of all: 17 activities—making their own sextant, compass, stick chart, chip log, and more—will turn all young adventurers into young navigators.


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Hans Aschim

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Nainoa Thompson

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Review quotes
"An ideal resource to integrate geography, history, and STEM." Booklist

"A nice addition to school collections where geography and human movement are studied.” School Library Journal
Product Details
Age range
9 - 12
Grade range
3 - 7
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Publication date
March 30, 2021