How to Land a Plane

By Mark Vanhoenacker

Take a seat—the captain’s seat, that is—and relax. You’re about to land a Boeing 747.

The mystery of flight is magical; the reality, still more so—from the physics that keeps a 450-ton vehicle aloft, to the symphony of technology and teamwork that safely sets it down again. Take it from Mark Vanhoenacker—British Airways pilot, internationally bestselling author, and your new flight instructor. This is How to Land a Plane.

Vanhoenacker covers every step—from approach to touchdown— with precision, wit, and infectious enthusiasm. Aided by dozens of illustrations, you’ll learn all the tools and rules of his craft: altimeters, glidepaths, alignment, and more. Before you know it, you’ll be on the ground, exiting the aircraft with a whole new appreciation for the art and science of flying.

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Meet the Author
Mark Vanhoenacker headshot

Mark Vanhoenacker

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Review quotes
The Daily Mail and The Spectator Book of the Year (2017)

“A work of humorous and outright poetic travel geekery.”—National Geographic Traveler
“Charming and chuckle-filled, this little primer explains much of what goes into the act of flying—from takeoff to touchdown.”—Air & Space Smithsonian
“With a unique wit and immense expertise, Vanhoenacker illuminates the mysteries of flight in a straightforward manner that even beginners can enjoy. . . . Readers will feel like they are in the captain’s seat as the author . . . does an excellent job of making air-travel accessible and enjoyable.”—Hook magazine

“A remarkably good idea . . . illuminates the practical reality of piloting in a concise and useful manner.”Times Literary Supplement
“Perfect inflight reading . . . brilliant.”—The Sunday Times
“Explains simply and clearly the abiding mysteries of flight.”—Daily Mail
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April 30, 2019