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How to Land on Your Feet

Life Lessons from My Cat

Illustrated by Jamie Shelman

Why spend one life worrying . . . when you could spend nine lives napping?

Take it from artist Jamie Shelman's wry and furry felines: Cats work reasonable hours (zero), love wisely (from a distance), and live boldly (until someone starts vacuuming). Don't go without these 100 sage lessons:
  • Be especially attentive to the one person who doesn’t like you.
  • Get away with murder by looking cute.
  • Ignore anyone who doesn't worship you.
  • Be pleased with your achievements, however small.
  • The best solution to a problem is a nap.
Live better—live like your cat!

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Meet the Author
Jamie Shelman headshot

Jamie Shelman

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Review quotes
“We’re so excited about this book featuring 100 adorable (and always true) sayings paired with her beautifully designed illustrations. . . .These amusing—and sage—lessons capture the unique joys and lessons of living with cats.”—Catster

“A charming quick read that cat and dog lovers will enjoy. Inspirational illustrated life tips include: ‘Love yourself first,’ ‘Drinking water is good for the soul’ and ‘Walk with (C)attitude.’”—Los Angeles Times
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Publication date
September 17, 2019