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How to Raise Perfectly Imperfect Kids and Be OK with It

Real Tips & Strategies for Parents of Today’s Gen Z Kids

By Lisa Sugarman

With Debra Fox Gansenberg

Helicopter parent, tiger parent . . . lawnmower parent? 

Generation Z has a reputation of entitlement, but this attitude is often fostered by parents who mow down every obstacle in their child's path, never letting them fail. In How to Raise Perfectly Imperfect Kids and Be OK with It, humorist Lisa Sugarman takes her humanistic approach to parenting Gen Z kids and tells it like it is. Sugarman reminds parents that it's okay (and beneficial) for children to confront obstacles, it's okay if your children are not perfect, and it's okay to say "No." The goal is not to raise perfect children; the goal is to raise kind, responsible adults, and it's a process.

How to Raise Perfectly Imperfect Kids reminds the reader that mistakes and problems lead to lessons. Fixating on raising the smartest, fastest, most successful child will never result in a happy child (or a happy parent). With healthy doses of humor and reality, Lisa Sugarman reminds us that our kids were never meant to be perfect, and perfectly imperfect kids can become wonderful, well-rounded adults if we just allow them to grow.

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Meet the Authors
Lisa Sugarman headshot

Lisa Sugarman

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Debra Fox Gansenberg

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Review quotes

"Lisa Sugarman is the mom friend you need in your life immediately! I’m so grateful to have Lisa’s juicy nuggets of wisdom, calm voice of positivity, and practical tools for navigating mom life in my bag of parenting tricks. She gives permission for the inevitable screw-ups in parenting and gently guides you through it. There are so many gems in this book that my highlighter got a workout! This book will stay close by, and I’ll reference it anytime my attitude needs a tune up."
- Maria Sansone, Emmy Award-Winning television host of Good Day LA, mom of two

"Sugarman and Gansenberg both nail it on the important issues they place on parenting. I am familiar with Gen Z kids, and the advice these women provide is very relevant and should be studied nd applied every day to help our newest generation of children and parents to raise self-sufficient kids that will contribute to society and figure it (life) out along the way."
- Manhattan Book Review

"Lisa recognizes the power of harnessing relatable resources to help moms and dads find parenting success. How to Raise Perfectly Imperfect Kids and Be OK With It is a fresh and seriously unique perspective into modern parenting. An easy and delightful read that makes any parent feel like it's ok to be perfectly imperfect."
- Amanda Ducach, Founder& CEO of SocialMama, the networking app for moms

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September 01, 2019