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If There Never Was a You

By Amanda Rowe

Illustrated by Olga Skomorokhova

If there never was a you, how empty life would be! Who would make me smile and laugh and keep me company?

Filled with heartwarming messages of love, belonging, and togetherness, If There Never Was a You gently reassures children that the place they hold in their parents' hearts can never be filled with anything else. 

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Amanda Rowe headshot

Amanda Rowe

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Olga Skomorokhova headshot

Olga Skomorokhova

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Review quotes
"If There Never Was A You is a beautifully told story, that is sure to bring a smile to anyone who reads it."
-Midwest Book Review
Product Details
Age range
1 - 3
Number of pages
Publication date
March 01, 2019