In Search of Ancient Oregon

A Geological and Natural History

By Ellen Morris Bishop

Geology is an extremely visual subject, and In Search of Ancient Oregon is a beautifully photographed, expertly written account of Oregon's fascinating geological story. Written by a passionate and professional geologist who has spent countless hours in the field exploring and photographing the state, In Search of Ancient Oregon is a book for all those interested in Oregon's landscapes and environments. It presents fine-art-quality color photographs of well-known features such as Mount Hood, Crater Lake, Smith Rock, Steens Mountain, the Columbia River Gorge, and Cannon Beach, and scenic, not so well known places such as Jordan Craters, Leslie Gulch, Abert Rim, Hells Canyon, Elkhorn Mountains, and Three Fingered Jack. Each of the more than 220 stunning photographs is accompanied by readable text, presenting the story of how Oregon's diverse landscapes evolved — and what we may expect in the future. Until now, no book has presented this dynamic story in a way that everyone interested in Oregon's natural history can easily understand. The combination of extraordinary photographs and the author's lucid explanations make this book both unique and essential for those curious about our own contemporary landscape.

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Ellen Morris Bishop

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Review quotes
“Highly recommended.” —Choice

“The author’s photos bring the story of Oregon’s landscapes to life.” —Publishers Weekly

“A fascinating book looking into the geology and natural history of Oregon stretching back some 400 million years. Its wealth of superlative photographs is the ideal accompaniment to a text that is lively in its unfolding.” —American Rhododendron Society Journal

“This lavishly illustrated and beautifully designed book pulled me in.” —Eugene Weekly

“Oregon’s ever-changing landscape is explored in this absorbing book about the state’s geological and ecological history.” —Alaska Airlines Magazine

“Oregon has never seen a book quite like this. It is a book to be paged through admiring the photos, then read slowly, and finally placed in your bookcase as a reference. Bishop’s work will be around for a long time.” —Northwest Books

“Bishop guides us through Oregon’s formative epochs with the sure hand of a scientist who’s comfortable communication beyond the often arcane confines of science.” —The Oregonian

“Recommended for anyone who has an interest in either geology or Oregon.” —E-Streams

“Anyone who thinks geology and natural history are dull will change their minds after glancing through this book. It’s accessible, well designed, thorough, accurate and easily calls forth vivid visions of Oregon in the distant past.” —Salem Statesman Journal

“Bishop’s expertise as a writer comes through with an exceedingly well informed and yet readable account of the 400-million-year history of the region.” —New Scientist

“Until now, no book has presented this dynamic story in a way that everyone interested in Oregon’s natural history can easily understand.” —Hood River News

In Search of Ancient Oregon is an interesting resource for guides wanting to share more information about the state’s unique and dramatic geological history that formed its mountains, gorges, lakes, vistas, coastline and reefs.” —Travel Planner’s Resource to the West
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June 29, 2006