Indestructibles: Let's Go Outside!

Created by Amy Pixton

Illustrated by Ekaterina Trukhan

Now selling a million copies a year, INDESTRUCTIBLESis the runaway little series that could! Printed on a special nontoxic, 100% washable, paperlike, recyclable material that is rip proof, chew proof, and drool proof, they are books designed for the way babies read—with their mouths!

Let’s Go Outside! celebrates the wonders of nature—the blue sky and tall, tall trees, the splish of a fish and the buzz of a busy buzzy bee.

INDESTRUCTIBLES’ text is simple and engaging, and the bold, bright illustrations hold baby’s attention. Priced at just $5.95, these books are such a great value, parents will want to collect them all.

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Meet the Authors
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Ekaterina Trukhan

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Product Details
Grade range
P - P
Number of pages
Publication date
March 31, 2020