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Kids on the March

15 Stories of Speaking Out, Protesting, and Fighting for Justice

By Michael Long

Read by Zeno Robinson, Sol Madariaga, Janina Edwards

From the March on Washington to March for Our Lives to Black Lives Matter, the powerful stories of kid-led protest in America. 
Kids have always been activists. They have even launched movements. Long before they could vote, kids have spoken up, walked out, gone on strike, and marched for racial justice, climate protection, gun control, world peace, and more.  
Kids on the March tells the stories of these protests, from the March of the Mill Children, who walked out of factories in 1903 for a shorter work week, to 1951’s Strike for a Better School, which helped build the case for Brown v. Board of Education, to the twenty-first century’s most iconic movements, including March for Our Lives, the Climate Strike, and the recent Black Lives Matter protests reshaping our nation. 
Powerfully told and inspiring, Kids on the March shows how standing up, speaking out, and marching for what you believe in can advance the causes of justice, and that no one is too small or too young to make a difference. 

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Michael Long

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Zeno Robinson

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Review quotes
"Readers will be inspired by the advocacy, leadership, and determination of the young change agents. The stories are accompanied by photos and primary source documents, breathing life into the subjects and showing a clear connecting thread between young people of different generations."
Kirkus Reviews

“As Long gives background information on each protest, he makes the accounts engaging with a storylike narrative filled with quotes from some of the young protestors. Plenty of period photos help readers imagine the events. … Both historical and timely.”
“Calling all young revolutionaries and historians! This book is for you.”
Youth Services Book Review
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Age range
10 - 14
Grade range
5 - 9
5h 27m 00s
Publication date
March 23, 2021