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Knit 2 Socks in 1

Discover the Easy Magic of Turning One Long Sock into a Pair! Choose from 21 Original Designs, in All Sizes

By Safiyyah Talley

Foreword by Jeanette Sloan

Socks continue to be a favorite project of knitters, but “single sock syndrome” — losing interest in knitting that second sock after the first one is done — is the perpetual dilemma.Knit 2 Socks in 1 introduces a distinctive new method that will appeal to sock knitters of all levels as the simplest, most accessible way yet developed to knit two socks at a time.
This innovative technique begins with making the first sock’s cuff. The knitter can then relax and knit a long tube, which makes up the main body of both socks. With the help of a lifeline (scrap yarn that is threaded through stitches to hold them in place), the knitter can easily separate the long tube into two socks. The heels and toes are worked with a simple two-row repeat and are finished with a “hat closure,” a novice knitting technique often used to close the tops of hats. Much like choosing an alternate ending in a classic “Choose Your Own Adventure” book, the knitter can choose from 21 different sock styles, featuring a wide range of stitch patterns, design elements, levels of difficulty, and sizes ranging from child to adult. Knit 2 Socks in 1 is a tried-and-true sock-knitting technique that allows knitters from all backgrounds to join in on the fun.

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Safiyyah Talley headshot

Safiyyah Talley

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Jeanette Sloan

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Review quotes
“This imaginative, instructive book is sheer delight for sock knitters at any level. For sock veterans, it's a blast of intrigue and excitement to envision knitting 2 socks in 1, in Safiyyah's inventive, elegant way. And if you're new to knitting socks, there's no easier way to get on your feet. The patterns that demonstrate the technique are varied, beautiful, and inspiring.” — Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne, Modern Daily Knitting

"As someone who suffers from SECOND SOCK SYNDROME, Safiyyah has now cured me and I know my left foot will no longer be cold. The beautiful photographs that accompany the patterns inspire me to go beyond "vanilla sock" and try some ruffles and lace." — Kristy Glass Knits
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March 01, 2022