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Let's Play Yoga!

How to Grow Calm Like a Mountain, Strong Like a Warrior, and Joyful Like the Sun

By Márcia De Luca, Lúcia Barros

Illustrated by Bruna Assis Brasil

A playful, exuberantly illustrated book that introduces yoga to kids ages 5 to 8 with simple postures and techniques to foster a calm mind and healthy body

How can a magic tree, a cow with a fidgety son, or a wise lion teach kids about being kinder, calmer, and stronger? With yoga! In Let’s Play Yoga!, these and other colorful characters promote balance and discernment—through creative stories kids can read on their own, all grounded in traditional yoga poses. This vibrant book also includes:
  • The ten principles of yoga: nonviolence, truth, non-stealing, right use of energy, detachment, cleanliness, contentment, discipline, self-study and trust.
  • Stories to help you learn: Wise and playful teachers, from Gomu the spotted cow to Vriksha the magic tree, show how practicing yoga—and living its principles—is a gift to yourself and others.
  • Thirteen yoga poses: Step-by-step illustrations show how to do Tadasana (mountain pose), Trikonasana (triangle pose), and more, plus meditation and breathing exercises.
  • And an abundance of benefits: By “playing yoga,” kids will cultivate balance, discipline, and focus. The result? They become more aware of their own feelings, thoughts, and actions; more engaged at school; and happier at home.
In the hands of talented authors, yoga becomes a lifelong skill to help kids pave the way to a more compassionate future for all, even as they explore new ways to move.

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Meet the Authors
Márcia De Luca headshot

Márcia De Luca

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Lúcia Barros headshot

Lúcia Barros

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Bruna Assis Brasil

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Review quotes
“A unique approach to the instruction of children's yoga . . . appealing, a blend of playful and practical.”—Kirkus Reviews

“The ideal practice to improve health, well-being, and learning, yoga should be part of every child’s daily life, particularly in our era of excessive media stimulation. Márcia De Luca and Lúcia Barros have written a wonderful book that helps to do just that. These stories will inspire and captivate children, making them happier and more aware throughout their lives.”—Dr. David Frawley, author of Yoga Ayurveda

Let's Play Yoga! is an excellent example of how we can inspire and motivate our children through yoga. Not only does the practice build self-confidence and mindfulness in kids, but it’s also a great opportunity for to us bond and have fun with our most precious investments.”—Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar, author of The Hot Belly Diet and Change Your Schedule, Change Your Life

“A joyful, inspired, and wonderfully creative way to make the benefits of yoga available for children.”—Krishna Das, international chant leader
Product Details
Age range
5 - 8
Grade range
K - 3
Number of pages
Publication date
August 21, 2018