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Livestock Guardians

Using Dogs, Donkeys, and Llamas to Protect Your Herd

By Janet Vorwald Dohner

Keep sheep, goats, and other livestock safe from attack with guardian dogs, donkeys, and llamas. Highly effective, economical, and nonviolent, livestock guardians can be the perfect solution to your predation problems. With in-depth advice on promoting the special bond between guardian animal and livestock, Janet Vorwald Dohner covers everything from selecting an appropriate breed for your needs to advanced training techniques. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your livestock has a guardian’s protection. 

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Janet Vorwald Dohner

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“Livestock Guardians, by Jan Dohner, is a comprehensive guide for farmers struggling to reduce predation of sheep, goats, and other livestock.  Dohner, who has more and 26 years of experience with guardian animals, helps owners understand the keys to effective livestock protection: careful selections of the right guardian animal, proper guardian livestock bonding, dedicated raining, and ongoing problem-solving.”  -American Small Farm

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December 12, 2007