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Making Space

How to Live Happier by Setting Boundaries That Work for You

By Jayne Hardy

Let healthy boundaries define the space where you can truly thrive.

Boundaries may not sound like the key to freedom—but when our boundaries are fuzzy or missing, we often end up fenced in by others’ wants and needs. If you say yes when your energy is MIA and your to-do list is overflowing—if you jump when your email pings well after dinner or let your partner’s or kid’s schedule rule your day—now is the time to reclaim some space!

Making Space will clear the way for what you need—and for what you want. With this relatable, compassionate guide, you’ll create strong boundaries around work, home, relationships, and more:
  • Face the fear of rejection and let go of stress.
  • Prioritize sleep and boost your overall health.
  • Build self-esteem and get back in touch with you.
  • Assert yourself with kindness and confidence!
We’re all worthy of boundaries that keep us safe, happy, and healthy. You get to take up space, too!

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Meet the Author
Jayne Hardy headshot

Jayne Hardy

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“The founder of the depression outreach organization Blurt Foundation guides readers on how to better protect one’s physical, emotional, and digital spaces by setting boundaries.”Publishers Weekly
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January 05, 2021