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Marvin's Monster Diary 4: Neighborhood Bully

(But We Stand Up, Big Time!)

By Raun Melmed

With Caroline Bliss Larsen

Illustrated by Arief Kriembonga

It’s the clawsomest time of year: summer vacation! All Marvin and his friends want is to enjoy their turf—the park across the street—and play superheroes to their hearts’ content. But when bullies arise, so does conflict. Suddenly a power struggle erupts over playground dibs. It’s Marvin and his band of Super Scarers versus Drake the Dreadful and his too-cool-for-school henchmen!

But the monsters discover that bullying isn’t always black and white, good guys and bad guys. By using tools such as ST4 and a circular role-playing game, Marvin and his friends discover that defeating bullying doesn’t always mean defeating bullies. In fact, with a little help from your friends, anyone can rise to the occasion. Marvin's hilarious doodles and diary entries chronicle his delightful adventures, misadventures, and eventual triumph in a funny, relatable way. It's the one series on ADHD and associated issues that kids will actually want to read! 

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Raun Melmed

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Caroline Bliss Larsen

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Product Details
Age range
7 - 9
Grade range
2 - 4
Number of pages
Publication date
July 20, 2021
ISBN Kindle