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Mermaid Life

The Joy of Making Waves

By Christine De Carvalho

An Ode to the Joy of Making Waves

Ah, salty breezes, beach hair, the feeling of bare feet in warm sand—and the fun of imagining life under ocean waves. Mermaid life is the life, and it is a lifestyle, or an aspiration, that’s right on trend. Whether emblazoned on a T-shirt or used as a home decor motif, mermaids represent freedom of spirit, empowerment, and being true to oneself. Exactly the life espoused and celebrated in Mermaid Life by Christine De Carvalho, whose whimsical illustrations and exquisite hand-lettering capture the sense of magic that makes mermaids so appealing.

Inspiring readers to embrace their inner mermaid, let their worries drift away, and seas the day, the book shines with an inclusive, body-positive spirit, featuring mermaids of diverse shapes, sizes, and skin tones. Mermen are represented, as are adorable, half-cat purrmaids and a variety of ocean animals.

Accompanying the illustrations are quotes, mermaid definitions, mermaid mantras, like Dive deep for the treasure you seek, and mermaid folklore: Did you know mermaids are believed to possess powers of immortality, clairvoyance, telepathy, and hypnosis?

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March 30, 2021