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Moimoi—Look at Me!

Shapes, colors, and sounds that will soothe your crying baby

Illustrated by Jun Ichihara

Edited by Kazuo Hiraki

A playful high-contrast board book from the University of Tokyo “Baby Lab”—scientifically proven to hold baby’s attention 
“Full of delicious colors and . . . real charm.”—The Wall Street Journal
What are moimoi? Playful moimoi have bold stripes and big, bright eyes. Babies find them captivating and will even stop crying to look. Parents in Japan swear by moimoi and have purchased over 500,000 books!

How do you say it? “Moi” (もい) is a fun nonsense word that rhymes with “koi.” You can change how you say it to match what the moimoi are doing—as they dance, grow, and even sing . . .

Where do they come from? At the University of Tokyo “Baby Lab,” Dr. Kazuo Hiraki tested many different high-contrast designs. Babies looked at moimoi for twice as long as the competition. Your newborn or toddler will love moimoi, too!

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Meet the Authors
Kazuo Hiraki headshot

Kazuo Hiraki

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Jun Ichihara

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Review quotes
Amazon Editors’ Picks—Best Children's Book, Baby to Age 2

“What makes the most alluring board book for infants? One researcher decided to go to the source. . . . The result is a board book full of delicious colors and paisley-like shapes: Moimoi—Look at Me!”—The Wall Street Journal

“This high-contrast book is having a heyday and is perfect for newborns through age three.”Toronto4Kids
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P - P
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Publication date
April 06, 2021