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Mommy Ever After

By Rebecca Fox Starr

Illustrated by Sara Ugolotti

“And they lived mommy ever after,” the mommy whispered to her baby. “Because we are not always going to feel happy, but I am always going to be your mommy.”
A daughter grows from a tiny infant to a young girl, and the years bring all the natural changes and accompanying emotions. Some emotions are big and scary. But the one constant in the little girl’s life is her mother and her magical stories. These stories stories teach her about her uniqueness, about her kindness, and about her power to face the inevitable darkness in life. But when she’s on her own, away from her mother, can she share her light?

It’s never too early to teach children how to recognize and accept emotions like fear, sadness, and loneliness. Through gorgeous illustrations of the real and fantasy worlds in which children always coexist, Mommy Ever After explores the difficult idea that we won’t always be happy, but we can always be brave and we can always be kind.

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Rebecca Fox Starr headshot

Rebecca Fox Starr

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Sara Ugolotti

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Review quotes
"This sweet uplifting story is an ideal gift, sure to be a treasured reread." – Kristy Pasquariello, School Library Journal

“This book is is so thoughtful and offers an enchanting point of entry into emotional literacy. I don’t know anyone who has escaped feeling sad or frightened or overwhelmed over the last few years, and this book is a wonderful warm hug of reassurance. Rebbecca Fox Starr has written the book we all need right now to remind us that feelings come and go but our families are forever. Get this book for everyone you know!” –Sara Rempe, author of Borderland, and maternal mental health advocate 

“Mommy Ever After is a beautiful story to read to my daughters again and again. It’s the kind of magical children’s book that speaks to adults and kids on two different levels. The story helps us all process big feelings and reminds my daughters that I will always be there for them. The words are powerful, the illustrations are mesmerizing - the book is a true gift.” –Sara Mauskopf, Winnie CEO and mom of 3

“Inventive and heartwarming, this story offers comfort and conversation around our more difficult feelings.”–Sarah Blake, author of Clean Air

“Fox Starr’s gem of a book “mommy ever after” is now one of my favorite books. Starr brilliantly weaves the importance of validating and accepting our emotional experiences, which is critical for the healthy development of young minds. Starr proves that the mother-child bond is unshakable, and the importance that self-compassion can lead to important and nurturing friendships. Most importantly, Starr drives home the message that we, as humans, can be fearful of many things; however, it is always within our best interest to move along anyway. What a beautiful and heartfelt book. The illustrations are magical as well. A special addition to childhood literature that should be read at night time with your special little loved one.” – Amy Neeran, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and author of a forthcoming chapter book series about kids struggling with anxiety. 

"Gorgeous illustrations and beautiful storytelling! Starr’s prose explores themes of loneliness and sadness and wraps it in imagination and hope, providing a space for parents and children to begin this important conversation."–Lee Eisenberg, writer and producer, Apple TV

"This fanciful, feel-good story follows a mother-daughter pair, who are white, as the daughter grows from baby to little girl and faces new experiences with a mixture of wonder and fear. From her first time seeing the ocean to a thunderstorm to the first day of school, her mother offers the same comforting refrain: “Because we are not always going to feel happy, but I am always going to be your mommy.” Ugolotti’s pretty, pastel artwork featuring flowers and stars, mermaids, and ice cream, complements the fairy-tale-inspired prose. VERDICT This sweet uplifting story is an ideal gift, sure to be a treasured reread." – Kristy Pasquariello, School Library Journal
"... the mother's love for her daughter is obvious, the illustrations are gorgeous, and the idea behind the book is nice."
— Children's Literature
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Age range
4 - 7
Grade range
P - 2
Number of pages
Publication date
March 15, 2022
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