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Mrs. Whaley and Her Charleston Garden

By Emily Whaley

In conversation with William Baldwin. Emily Whaley's garden on Church Street in Charleston, South Carolina, may be the most visited private garden in the country. And no wonder. It is the life's work of a vibrant, sociable, opinionated, determined, forceful woman who has spent the last eighty-five years cultivating whatever life offered her. Mrs. Whaley and Her Charleston Garden captures and preserves Emily Whaley's distinctive voice and braces us with a clear understanding of how one might cultivate a practical personal philosophy alongside one's garden.

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Meet the Author
Emily Whaley headshot

Emily Whaley

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Review quotes
"An ageless and captivating visit." --Publishers Weekly

"South Carolina gardener grows into phenom." --USA Today

"Emily Whaley is wonderful, both in and out of her garden." --Rosemary Verey, author of The American Woman's Garden
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November 28, 2017