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Naming Your Little Geek

The Complete List of Comic Book, Video Games, Sci-Fi, & Fantasy Names

By Scott Rubin

Having trouble finding the perfect name for your new baby? One that celebrates your favorite fandom, whether you want it to be immediately recognizable or something cool that won’t sound out of place on the playground? Naming Your Little Geek is here to save the day! This ultimate guidebook is complete with every name a geek could ever want to give their baby, their meanings, and a list of all the legends who have borne them. From Anakin and Frodo to Indiana and Clark, Gwen and Wanda to Buffy and Xena, you can choose which is best for you and your baby. But use it with caution―a kid will never live down a name like Legolas! (But who says that’s a bad thing?)
Naming Your Little Geek
covers everything from comic book superheroes to role-playing game icons, Starfleet officers to sword and sorcery legends with characters who have appeared on film and TV, in novels and comic books, on the tabletop, and beyond. With nearly 1,100 names referencing more than 4,400 characters from over 1,800 unique sources, it's the perfect resource for parents naming a new child or people looking to redefine who they are!

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Scott Rubin

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Review quotes

"Where was this book when I was naming babies?"

Orson Scott Card, NYT bestselling author of Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead

"The perfect baby name book for superhero fans—basically everyone!"

—Lisel Shurtliff, NYT bestselling author of Rump!

"This is a very comprehensive book, and I’m pretty obsessed with it. I loved reading each name’s blurb, and I know I’ll be pulling this out when it’s time to name a pet, child, or new Wi-Fi network. If you love geeky names, this is the book for you."

"Whether you're a geeky expecting parent or a writer looking to spice up your character roster, Scott Rubin's Naming Your Little Geek is the definitive collection of sci-fi, fantasy, and generally geek-tastic names that will meet your every need. From Aang to Zoto, Rubin's exhaustive catalog of geeky names not only spans the pop culture spectrum, it also beautifully encapsulates the spirit of each entry with informed and inspiring descriptions."

—Barbra Dillon, editor-in-chief of Fanbase Press

"The excellent topic of naming our babies (or pets) is racheted up a few notches with the inclusion of genre entertainment as your starting point in choosing the definitive name for your loved one. The fun is learning the origin of the names presented in the book. You won't be able to put this book down, perusing from A to Z. A must-own for all movie, television, and book lovers. Highly recommended. "

—Robert Holguin, president of the Saturn Awards Organization and the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror

"This book is the perfect resource for parents who want their tiny humans to have a name that carries not only profound meaning and cultural relevance, but also a name that people associate with a story that in one way or another has moved them. This is a gift we can give to our children that will last an entire lifetime. For anyone who loves fandom culture— comics, sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, etc.—and is about to bring forth their own legendary hero into this world, this is the book for you."

—Trisha Hershberger, TV host and gamer
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Publication date
August 04, 2020
ISBN Kindle