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Native Trees for North American Landscapes

By Guy Sternberg

Many common native trees are just as beautiful as cultivated exotics. Since they have evolved with local conditions and are well adapted to their climate, they often require less maintenance and won't escape to invade a balanced ecosystem. The authors' extensive horticultural knowledge is distilled in this comprehensive cross section of trees native to North America, from the Atlantic to the Rockies and from northern Canada to the Gulf Coast. The main section of the book is divided into tree profiles, each describing flowers and fruit, native and adaptive range, culture, and problems. The authors also list the best seasonal features — whether a tree has striking bark in winter, for example, or bright fruit in fall. In all, more than 650 species and varieties, and more than 500 cultivars, are discussed.

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Meet the Author
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Guy Sternberg

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Review quotes
“Gives marcescent a more hopeful spin.” —The New York Times

“Sternberg’s authoritative guide is an indispensable addition to any landscape library.” —Booklist

“Whether looking for trees for your own location, or identifying them when taking walks or exploring gardens, this book—filled with pertinent information—is a good companion source for identifying trees.” —National Gardener

“Achieves a fine mix of academic information and poetic appreciation that could make it a classic.” —American Gardener

“Far more than a guide to identification and culture, this expanded enhanced successor to the authors’ Landscape with Native Trees is a walk in springtime woods, a new sunlight filtering through pastel filigree.” —Garden Solutions
“This is much more than a picture book; the descriptions are thorough and written in a conversational style often punctuated with humor.” —Quarterly Review of Biology
“Useful information. . . . excellent view of these species in a landscape setting.” —Plant Talk
“Filled with useful information regarding native trees, this book also contains numerous beautiful color photographs that make it enjoyable reading for both horticultural experts and novices.” —Choice

“Stunning photos and outlines of common cultivation problems and solutions make Native Trees For North American Landscapes a solid, invaluable reference for landscapers, libraries and home gardens alike.” —Bookwatch
“For trees, the authoritative guide is Native Trees for North American Landscapes.” —Newark Star-Ledger
Native Trees for North American Landscapes is a large-format, user-friendly book.” —American Reference Books Annual
“This is the best available reference book on native trees for North American landscapes.” —American Forests
“Magnificent work. . . . I have no hesitation in recommending this book as a truly inspirational work. . . . the authors’ knowledge of trees and their passion for them is evident throughout the volume.” —Plantsman

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Number of pages
Publication date
February 15, 2004