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Nom Nom: Opposites

By Forrest Everett

Nom Nom Opposites gives young minds food for thought—literally! Kids who love Shopkins and Num Noms will enjoy learning their opposites with the help and encouragement of adorable picnic food characters found throughout. Even the book feels like food packaging with an acetate window on the front cover hinting at the delicious contents inside. It's food. It's education. It's cute. It's Nom Nom Knowledge!

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Meet the Author
Forrest Everett headshot

Forrest Everett

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Review quotes

"All of the food items are endearingly cute, with big eyes and smiling mouths. The pictures present plenty of opportunities for adults to talk with their child, whether it's simply identifying the different foods' pictures or talking about colors, shapes, or even the differences between what your family eats and what other families might eat. This is a fun, bright, colorful book for babies and toddlers that could also make a great addition to a themed baby shower gift basket."

-Holly Scudero, Seattle Book Review 
Product Details
Age range
1 - 3
Nom Nom Knowledge
Number of pages
Publication date
March 01, 2019