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Oh, Ick!

114 Science Experiments Guaranteed to Gross You Out!

By Joy Masoff

With Jessica Garrett, Ben Ligon

From the bestselling author of Oh, Yuck! and Oh, Yikes!, with over 1.25 million copies in print, here is an A-Z compendium of hands-on grossness.

Featuring 114 interactive experiments and ick-tivities, Oh, Ick! delves into the science behind everything disgusting.

Stage an Ooze Olympics to demonstrate viscosity and the nature of slime. Observe how fungi grow by making a Mold Zoo. Embark on an Insect Safari to get to know the creepy crawlies around your home. And learn what causes that embarrassing acne on your face by baking a Pimple Cake to pop—and eat. Eww!


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Meet the Authors
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Jessica Garrett

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Review quotes
"Chapters cover everything from arachnids to zits... all explored thoroughly through experiments, photos, cartoon illustrations, and an entertaining narrative... The gross-out quotient has a natural draw, but there's substantial scientific knowledge to be absorbed throughout." — Publishers Weekly

"A lighthearted compendium of interesting formation and engaging, hands-on activities with gobs of kid appeal." — Kirkus Reviews

"Expect to get messy, have a lot of fun, and do science!" — Geek Dad
Product Details
Age range
8 - 12
Grade range
2 - 7
Number of pages
Publication date
November 01, 2016